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  • How to use on-line classes?
    On-line classes are held through the zoom application. Connect to Zoom Download the free app (the latest version) Zoom Make sure you are in a place with a good internet connection Check your audio and video connection. See the technical requirements here The bigger your screen, the better. You can use your laptop or computer, but you can also connect your computer to the TV if possible. Test everything in advance to be ready for class / training. After purchasing the class / training, you will receive an access link. Preparing your environment for on-line classes / training: Make sure you have enough open space to move around. You will move forward, backward and side to side. You need enough space to step away from the camera and your entire silhouette is visible. Only then will I be able to see your execution and give you the relevant instructions. A space with a hard floor is desirable. Please roll up the carpet or dispose of any other items that are causing the unevenness. Get organized to minimize any obstacles; I need your full involvement. Put your shoes on. Have a towel and water ready.
  • If I can't participate in live classes / workshops?
    Relax, you won't miss anything. We understand that each of us has a private life and a lot of activities that often disrupt the plan. Therefore, if you are unable to participate in the purchased classes or workshops, we will give you access to the video material. Information about access to the material will be communicated after the purchase of a given product / service.
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