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Become a Strong Nation™ Instructor

Become a STRONG Nation ™ high-intensity training instructor

Start with yourself, inspire others.

Below you will find a link to register for the training. The link will take you to where you must make the payment.

Trainings in Polish

Training in Polish

Training in English

What is STRONG Nation ™?

It is an innovative approach to physical exertion. Thanks  STRONG Nation ™  you push your limits and your sculpted body is an example of this. STRONG Nation ™ is about synchronizing movement and music - each bit corresponds to another burpee, squat or jump. The classes combine strength, plyometric, functional and cardio training, burning calories and strengthening the body.  STRONG Nation ™  he uses reverse engineering to create a training, i.e. first we create a comprehensive training, and then we adapt the music to it, synchronizing every movement with the beat, this approach is a real revolution in fitness. Music increases engagement and motivation right down to the last repetition - and beyond, allowing participants to push their boundaries and achieve results at an even faster pace. The effects are visible after 3 months.

Training the dynamically developing STRONG Nation ™ program will provide you with the necessary knowledge, practice and complete solutions to become an instructor, and as a member of the SYNC community, it will provide the monthly development and tools necessary to act and promote as an instructor.


STRONG Nation ™ is a results-oriented program that works effectively at a dizzying pace .

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