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Kettlebell Flow

Personal Training

STRONG Nation ™

Zumba FitnessⓇ

Kettlebell Flow

Strength training with Kettlebell [read blog]

It results in an increase in strength, improves muscle balance, mobility and self-confidence. Burning and shaping your body are just a guaranteed side effect 😉

How is the training done.

-1 LIVE session by zoom every Wednesday at 19:00

-1-2 session with recordings 

-optional individual guidance

- belonging to a "support group"

Registration is only for the entire month PLN 25 / week (PLN 100 in advance for a month)


Personal Training

Training just for you , time dedicated to your individual needs

Training is aimed at defining your needs, setting your training path adequately to these needs.

We often work on improving the technique and correcting movement patterns. This applies to your functional development in exercise, dance and other activities that you practice or perform daily.

The meeting can be held on-line or live (Kłodawa Gorzowska).

The price of a one-time meeting is PLN 150, long-term cooperation is agreed individually after a one-time session. 


STRONG Nation ™

High-intensity training , a combination of cardio and strength based on your own body weight, where every movement is perfectly synchronized with the music, group training.

It is primarily a training focused on quick results  lose weight, burn fat, strengthen the body and tone the muscles.

See examples of results

The training takes place on-line every Tuesday at 19:00 (optional presence, you can do the training at any time)

Additionally, you get weekly access to the recording, which you can repeat any number of times.

Payment of PLN 80 per month

* one-time offer


Zumba FitnessⓇ

Dance and fitness classes to music ,  Latin rhythms predominate. Perfect cardio training, which allows us to burn a lot of calories while having great fun, in addition, it incredibly relaxes and has a positive effect on our mind.

Very important !, this is not a dance lesson [dance workshops ], it is impossible to make mistakes and this class is really for everyone who likes music and having fun.

Classes are held live every Thursday at 20:00 .

If you cannot participate in the class, you get one week's access to a live video.

Payment of PLN 20 for classes in a monthly pass (PLN 25 once on the spot).


ul. Jeziorna 8, 66-415 Kłodawa

* one-time offer

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